Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We're off to....

The Washington D.C. area, instead of just getting rid of me, my bosses have decided to see if I can be of more use down in one of the company's satellite offices.

I have no idea how much the company will pay me, but I do know that everything will cost more, and it'll be our most urban living experiences ever.

I've met with the people down at the D.C. office briefly and they seemed nice. I hope that working for them will be a more pleasant experience than here in J-Town. Even if it doesn't turn out well, at least I'll be able to serve the company until my one year obligation ends and we could move back to Texas, which is where we think that we should be anyways.

Since we've only got about two weeks to get everything ready (I meant everything) blogging will be sporadic.

Wish us luck, I don't know if D.C. will end up being a place that we'll want to stay for long term, but the urban living will be a valuable addition to our cross country, living all over the place experiences.

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