Sunday, March 04, 2007

T.V. shows that I've enjoyed

One of my favorite shows on t.v. was the show "Thirtysomething", even though I really wasn't of age to really enjoy the show of such complexity. ( I was in my early teens when this show first showed up.) I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the characters grow, suffer, and endure through all the complexities of being thirtysomething in the 80's.

According to Wikipedia....

Influences and cultural impact

The television show, Thirtysomething reflected the angst felt by baby boomers and yuppies during the 1980s [2], [3], such as the changing expectations related to masculinity and femininity introduced by second-wave feminism (as noted in R. Hanke's 1990, article "Hegemonic masculinity in Thirtysomething" and Margaret Heide's 1995 book, Television Culture and Women's Lives: "Thirtysomething" and the Contradictions of Gender [4]).

Thirtysomething was notably influenced by the introspective, comic drama The Big Chill. Additional films and television programs which reflected similar themes include Baby Boom, Fatal Attraction and Wall Street (all appearing in 1987); the 1986 television drama L.A. Law; and the 1988 film Working Girl. In addition, its mix of realistic scenes and surreal flights of comic fancy owed a debt to such Woody Allen films as Annie Hall.

Thirtysomething, while never number one in the Nielsen Ratings, was nonetheless enormously influential in its day (as indicated by the introduction of the term "Thirtysomething" into popular discourse) and won a number of Emmy Awards and nominations. Critics and audiences were sharply divided about the show's characters and dialogue; the show was widely praised for its sensitive characterizations, but also widely mocked for its generally affluent but depressed and neurotic characters (a fact satirized in one episode, when a focus group is shown a commercial based on the style of the series, with actors standing in for Michael and Elliot and speaking like them. The focus group's response is overwhelmingly negative, and they voice many of the criticisms of the series itself).

I started to think about some of the t.v. shows that I had enjoyed because I had noticed that I just don't enjoy watching t.v. shows as much as I used to. Although I watch more t.v. now than I did when I was in my teens, I can't help it but to notice that most of the t.v. shows which are on now (cable shows included), are mostly shit and not very profound or memorable.

So I decided to post on some of the t.v. shows that I've enjoyed through the years, for nostalgic reasons, as well as to recall why I had enjoyed these shows.

This has been the first entry.

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