Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Kathy Griffin show last night

I have to say that I was far from disappointed at the Kathy Griffin show, she started the show on time, and did not skip a beat with the jokes. She started with her observation on Pa. weather, then she talked about what she knew best, the world of reality shows and celebrities, to which she's a member of that group.

She stated that lots of talk shows have banned her because of how abrasive she can be, and I just think that these talk show hosts should let their audiences be the judge. Still, I wonder how she felt after finding out the news of Anna Nicole Smith's death, you see, it's no secret that Kathy has made some Anna Nicole Smith/Trimspa jokes from time to time.

Compared to the Wanda Sykes show, Jeanine Garofalo, Ellen DeGeneres, Lewis Black, and Margaret Cho (all the live comedy shows that I've seen), I have to say that Kathy Griffin's persona was much more energetic and even a bit on the manic side, but these characteristics are her trademark. I laughed a lot during Kathy's show, yet a lot of what she had talked about was not things that I can personally identify with. (ie. Hanging out with celebrities, having teams of lawyers, etc.) Yet that doesn't make her material less valid.

Keep up the good work, Kathy, I look forward to watching your show on t.v.!

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