Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Here comes the sun

Literally, it seems like the weird weather that we've been having for the last few weeks have gave way to sunny days with temps in the low 80's! Mind you, there is still a chance that we could be hit with another bout of freaky weather, but that's the Midwest for you!

Let me just say how proud I am of the GF, she has worked for 5 weeks straight so far, and I think she's doing really well, despite of what she may be thinking. I'm just sorry that her co-workers can be such asses! I think they're just a bunch of small-minded and burned-out phlebotemists.

Made banana bread last night, and it has won great accolades from the GF, the only audience that counts. I doubt that it could have been better than the ones that she has made though!.

The job situation is still a blur, but I'm used to everything happening at the last minutes anyways. Yes, it does get old, but that's the way my life is going right now. Still want to move Westward later on in the year, we'll see what happens!

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