Saturday, March 18, 2006

What's happening

I recently took a four day visit to my folks in Houston and it was a good visit. My folks looked healthy, although they still do get tired a lot. My sister was there too, and there was a lot less tension between us this time, partly taken over with her PMS. You know how PMS is, when you have it, nothing would seem right.

We'd take the folks out to eat traditional Chinese breakfast, and some grocery shopping, then take them back home so they can nap, eat dinner, and ending their day with a 8 PM mahjong game. Grandpa is religious about his mahjong games.

I also took my seventeen year old cousin to the museum to see "Bodyworld 3". It was a exhibit of naked and dead people....really naked, as in skin stripped, then muscle, and some internal organs stripped. There was some controversies about the corpses purchased for the exhibition, and the allegation was that the exhibition sponsors used corpses of executed Chinese political prisoners, and purchased wholesale. To tell you the truth, I really couldn't tell whether or not the corpses were Asian, Caucasian,etc. I think once you get that stripped, it's really hard to tell the race. This German guy decided to take corpses, preserved them in some special way that the body will be "plasticized". He'd pose these bodies in different poses and display them to the public, supposedly to educate and inspire people about the wonders of the human body. I really suggest that everyone go and see the exhibit, should it come to your city.

I felt bad for the gf, who, while I was gone, was having a cold, her period, and all kinds of boredom all packed into 4 day. Yet she managed to make her work orientation and worked the rest of this week, and I highly commend her for that! Soon she'll have some $ for poker playing, and other fun things.

About work, let's just say that I'm now looking for something else. I think I've had about up to here. The folks that I work with are cool, for the most part, but it just feels harder for me to keep on staying there. My boss is becoming unclear in his intent and starting to become overbearing too. I have all the respect in the world for him, but I'm just not sure if continuing to work for him is a good idea. So wish me luck in finding my next gig!

I also am going to try to make this blog more exciting than it has been. It's a bad sign when I am thinking that way! My apologies to all and please stay tuned!

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