Monday, July 11, 2005

The weekend

Weekends are a great time to catch up on beauty sleep! Not that it's really helping me regain or obtain any beauty, but ever since I've turned 30, I find that sleeping has become one of my favorite pasttimes! I've never been a partier, drinker, or an all-nighter, just never found a lot of attraction in these activies.

The GF and I took her motorcycle to the shop for repair, looked at some other motorcycles, drooled over them, and then went to this boot shop in St. Joseph, Mo. I couldn't help but to have purchased a pair of cowboy boots, I mean, they're tacky but cool! You can see the photo in the previous entry! The store clerk was this tall, tanned, and blond woman who was no stranger to an Asian shopping for cowboy boots! In fact, she's even dating a Chinese boy! We got to talking about life in the Midwest (still boring), Asian foods, her boyfriend and his peeves, and I felt a sense of relief, why a sense of relief? Well, from what she had mentioned, I am not the only Asian in the Kansas/Missouri area, and hooray for Asian men! I mean, my Asian brothers are venturing bravely into the territory of dating Caucasian women! (I couldn't be the only one, right?) It's just kind of rare for me to see many Asian man dating Caucasian women, even less Asian men dating African American women, that'll be so cool because they can have kids who'll probably be really exotic looking, like Foxy Brown, Tyson Beckford, or that dude from that group "Fine Young Cannibals"... all part Asian and Black!

Watched "Tour De France" and marvelled at how skinny these cyclists are, most of them weigh less that I do! (not all that hard to do) I'm kind of ashamed to say that so far, I've enjoyed watching the cyclists crash the most ;-) !

Went to dinner with a guy from work and his very young girlfriend (he's 29 and she's 18), he's about to be deployed to Iraq. He's a bit of a doofus but overall a good guy. Wait, maybe he's really not all that much of a doofus, I mean, he was able to score with a younger chick, right? (gosh, my values are all kinds of mixed up, right?)

Ended the weekend at Barnes and Nobles, where I satisfied my appetite for tabloid magazines and browsed over some other books. This book that caught my eye was a book about this Marine who was gay, and a pornstar. All of a sudden my mind just wondered about what if I was also a pornstar while in the service? Nah, don't really have the body for it. The old joke in the reserves was that a lot of the females join the reserves because of the porn industry, where they all work at as civilians, just doesn't offer good enough health insurance, so they all had to do something, hence the reserves. I, on the other hand, just failed the audition!

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