Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back from the in-laws!

Sorry that it has taken me a while to write, but I've been neck-deep in work and preparing for an upcoming trip. (for work) This entry will be short but I'll be sure to write more later.

It was so nice to see the nephew, little Zach! He was really happy to see the GF, myself, and the dog! When a kid loves you like that, it really kind of reminds you that maybe you're not a total loser after all. Sure, I might not have been or am the most attractive person out there with the winning personality, but at least I've been deemed approvable by the pets and most of the kids that I've been in contact with! Zach is so curious and loves to run around outdoors, and that's what kids should be instead of glued to tv or in front of their gameboys!

The in-laws looks like they've lost a lot of weight and are also stressed out because of issues revolving Zach's mom and dad. At least though, over this past weekend we were all able to let go of that stress for a little bit. We went out to have some good seafood at Pappadeaux's restaurant, and had some good burgers and hot dogs the day after!

I will post some photos in my next entry and have some more thoughts about what has been going on, so for those of you who actually read this site, stay tuned!

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