Monday, March 14, 2005

I had a good time hanging out with my sister!

My sister's 26 years old, and we did not grow up together like other siblings. She is my only sibling,and shortly after she was born, my parents got divorced. She came to live stateside when I was about to graduate from high school. Not having much interaction with each other, we sort of just left each other alone to do our own thing.

Over the years, however, concerns about our birth parents and grandparents sort of brought us together. I try not to lecture like a typical older sister, thankfully, she's stubborn enough not to really listen to me. Even though I'm older, I'm not sure that I'm that much wiser.

She eventually met this man and got married after being with him on and off for the last 8 years, and divorced little bit before the year was through. He basically used her and for a while, then basically got sick of her and left.

So now she lives along with her beagle and is feeling quite lonely. Since I only see her during family gatherings, I decided to take a weekend and go see her. I got really lucky and got to fly for free because of frequent flyer miles.

She lives in the surburb of Milwaukee, on the Illnois side, and before I started my journey, I told her that we were just going to hang out, eat, and play with her dog, and that's exactly what we did. Between bites of Japanese, American, Indian, and Thai foods, we talked about everything. There were tiny moments of almost complete disagreement, but we just relaxed and didn't pursue the issues too much further. We're very similar, but also very different, we'll both do whatever that we wanted to do, just with different styles and different levels of guilt.

I can see that she feels quite lonly, but out of her recent heartbreak, she has come out stronger and better.

I had a good time, it's good to have a sister that I can get along with!

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