Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Congratulations, Colby Buzzell!...and other stuff.

I ran across Colby Buzzell's blog today, and it seems like a major publisher will publish a book on his experiences in Iraq, a lot of it will probably be taken from his blog "My War".

I don't know if he's still in the army, but he's way to creative to stay in. I'm pretty proud of him, in some ways, he's sort of like a war buddy who had made it. We were both in Iraq around the same time, even though we had stayed on different bases and didn't know each other.

I wish that I was as good of a writer as he is, I mean, picking up a publishing deal is a big thing. Not only will one get a lot of $, but just imagine if also your book got picked up for a major motion picture! I think one will also have the first say about who plays what characters...pretty cool!

I wonder if the powers that be are already developing screenplays about this war, somehow, I didn't think that "Three Kings" had a really good perspective on what it was really like back in the first Gulf War, but then again, it was only a semi-factual fiction.

I'm trying to not watch a lot of documentaries which were recently made about the war, I don't want my brain to be saturated with that stuff. I mean, most of the people in this world do not wear desert camoulflaged uniforms or eat MRE's. Occasionally, a few of those documentaries are really worth looking at though. One of my biggest, and probably the most irrational, fear is that I'll be so deeply entrenched in the military and its ways of doing things that I can no longer really think for myself. (on a grander scale) Yet, look at me, less than 4 months after I came back, I'm back in uniform again, working on a military post, and probably will stay this way for at least the next 2 years (and that might even change!). Doing exactly what I said that I no longer wanted any more part never say never, I guess.

It's not all that bad though, I work for and with some of the smartest and most relaxed people that I've ever met, that's one step closer to the job nirvana. I'm of the school that one should get the tasks at hand completed, minimize the bullshit, and pack up and enjoy the rest of the day.

I miss the girlfriend and the pets...what really matters, above the jobs and everything else.

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