Saturday, October 30, 2004

Finally back in Austin!

After driving on the highway for about 3 hours, with one occasion of car breakdown in between, I finally got back to Austin with my trusty dog, Ramen! Made it to the Bob Schneider concert (He looked like Matthew Fox from "Party of Five".), the opening act was this bad called "Dragonfly Jones", and collectively speaking, their music was pretty good, but the audience was pretty obnoxious, bumping into each other with full beer bottles, body parts, and most of them acted like they were pretty good looking. I've got one piece of advice, and that is, form-fitting clothing is not meant for everyone, so please consider it carefully before you put it on!

I had a good time visiting my folks, all things considered. When I was in Iraq, I'd hear from my family about how badly my folks were faring, my grandmother had stomach cancer and all the treatment had left her not only physically, but also mentally worned out. During this visit, aside from the obvious signs of aging (she's in her mid-80's), she looked otherwise healthy. I hope they'll be healthy enough to play lots of mah-jong, have a lot more arugments with each other, and nick-pick on me and everyone else in the family!

Packed away the ramen the I got in Chinatown, I am ready to tackle the challenges of the following week, getting the car repaired (again), hassle my old reserve unit, harass texas workforce commission, seeing the in-laws (not so much a challenge), and God only knows what else!

Not thinking of anything too profound at this point, I just wish that the election could be over soon, and may the best candidate win!

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Asher Abrams said...

Welcome back stateside, and glad you made it back to Austin OK. I discovered your blog and Beth's thru Kesher Talk. I look forward to being a regular reader.