Friday, October 29, 2004


My car stalled and broke down today on Interstate 10, about a day after I had it repaired and lubed....just my luck, I guess. I'm not all that upset about it, I was planning to take my gal out and eat at someplace nice and have some "after dinner activities", but I guess they'll just have to wait until later, hopefully tomorrow night!!

She's going to take me to a Bob Scheneider concert, he's a local favorite, and used to date Sandra Bullock. Since I could pick the next concert for us to goto, I picked Wonda Sykes, but since then I found that her tickets are like at least $150 each!!!! Wonda, you're good, but not that good!

I found myself looking at the other day, partly to see if there were anyone that I know that's featured on the site, since I was with the same group when I was in Iraq, and partly for nostalgic reasons. I clicked on the "In Memoriam" icon and found that I actally knew more people that had died in the war than I first realized. It's the saddest thing, to see people taken away at the prime of their lives. I hope no matter who becomes the next president, that he will figure out a way to bring the troops back home. Deployments are just about the most unnatural thing in the world, they often tear apart relationships, and sometimes changes a person not neccessarily for the better. It's good $ but the risks that one takes are just too high.

Well, here's to another sleepless night!


luprec said...

go to, all wanda tickets for the paramount are $36.50. we got ours early, you do not want to miss wanda. sorry about bob schneider.

wintermelonsoup said...

Thanks for the info.!