Friday, April 13, 2007


We've all moved to DC and I've started work at my old/new workplace. Being the new kid at the job again is beginning to get a bit to old for my taste.

We've got a little dilemma that we're trying to deal with right now, and that is we are trying to move from one apt. to another. In the effort to trying to go cheap, we've landed ourselves on a ticking timebomb of a apt. No hot water, bugs, noisy neighbors, and a seemingly clueless managment are making us feel that we should (especially me) try to get the heck out of here as soon as we can!

Since we don't have internet access right now (I'll explain why later), we're at this diner near where I work and trying to use their free wi-fi so we can check on stuff. I promise that I'll give a more detailed update once things calm down a bit.

Hat tip to the pets and the GF, for all the stuff that they put up with from me!

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Phidoux said...

I hope that you guys get everything worked out. No hot water would do me in ...