Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cold and rainy in the East Coast this weekend. For some, I guess it's a welcomed event, since part of the state (Va.) has been in a somewhat dry condition.

The GF and I have finally found ourselves another apt. to live in, and of course, with better quality of residence, there will be higher rent price too. Nothing an extra job or a miraculous promotion won't take care of. Most of all, I hope that we'll find a peace of mind finally.

Last night, the GF and I went to a friend's place to have dinner. We were supposed to have dinner at the local Koreatown, but on the way there, her baby threw up...and he threw up a lot! So, we had to goto her apt., where her husband cooked up some good pork chops for us to enjoy. Unfortunately, her baby did not get better with the vomiting and could not keep down pedialyte, so they called an ambulance and off we all went to emergency room. I hope that they're all doing a lot better now. These stomach viruses are just nasty to deal with, especially in babies.

I don't really know what it takes to live even semi-comfortably in this town, it looks like that unless you're earning in the 6 figures, then everything is a struggle. My friend and her husband, despite of both being highly educated and competent adults, still are struggling with monetary issues even with both working and doing what they can not to overspend and going into debt.

Will update more as long as internet access is obtainable.

In the meanwhile, feel better, little Constantine!

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