Sunday, January 21, 2007

This week....

The GF had a chance to meet my remotely located boss while on a business trip to DC, she (the GF) had quit her job the day before and since she's a lot better at this direction thing than I am, so we asked our landlor to take care of the dog for a day while we ventured down to DC.

Without revealing the details of the business meeting, it was a sort of "sales" effort by my remote boss to try to secure a business contract. I was basically told not really to say much of anything and just watch my boss "do her thing". Unfortunately, I think what these people were looking for were not things that we could offer. It was kind of funny and sad at the same time as my boss kept trying to tell them about the company's capabilities while the clients were either looking away or shaking their heads.

That brings me to my boss. She's this lady who has brought in the company a lot of contracts because of her previous business associations. She used to work for a state university as their library science specialist. Which means that she's good at researching things but not neccessarily intepreting them. Over the years, she has established a team of other library science folks for her team, and this other guy and I were hired at analysts to try to make sense of the data that they've gathered in order to crank out these reports. I think she'd rather have gotten more library science specialists than people like me and the other guy.

So come to find out that she has a habit of pissing people off and being a control freak over those who work for her. There were approximately 14 analysts who took the high road because of her. My fellow analyst and I have already encountered various examples of her idiosyncracies....only to have our suspecions confirmed later on by her team of librarians.

We're stuck, I'm stuck. Work has become irritating and burdensome. Yet I know that for now I must grin and bear it, and if I can, try to make the best of this situation....if I only knew how...

The poor GF is frustrated over how horrible the job situation is around here. I am sure that I've not been much of a source of comfort to her either. The pets are cold and I felt at fault for bringing them to such a cold place to live at. I only hope that by next year, this time, we'll be at a warmer place and griping about how hot January has been.

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