Thursday, January 12, 2006

What has been going on

Just taking a little break from filing out this ass-long application packet for the US postal inspection service. A bit of a long story about why I'm applying to be a postal inspector...again, back in 02', I had heard about the postal inspection service from someone who was working with the GF at the time. Once of GF's collegues was dating someone who was a postal inspector and told the GF a lot about her GF's job. I never did meet that particular postal inspector, but I did have enough interest gathered to take the test for it. There are three tests that one needs to take before they'll even consider hiring you, and I passed the first two, but not the final one.

Maybe because they are short on agents, if you didn't do well on the last test, you have a chance to retake it in one year's time, or you'll have to start the process all over again. I got deployed to Iraq (what a crazy time that was!) and didn't even think about re-applying for the job again until quite recently. I had just mentioned it in passing to the GF and a friend at work and they all suggested that I write a letter explaining why I couldn't take the retest and see if they'll let me take it again.

So I sent the letter away and almost 2 months later, I get a certified envelope from the inspection service, stating that I have 7 days to fill out and mail back the application packet in order to have a chance at retest. So, working at a almost break-neck pace, I'm going to send the packet away tomorrow and hope for the best.

It's a long shot, it always has been. Looking at my job history, I've held so many mcjobs that it's not even funny. I'm hoping that someone up there is rooting for me. I think it'll help a lot.

The poor GF have to wake up at 4 in the morning so she can get to her class by 6. I think she'll do really well overall, she has always been very smart and intuitive.

Now I must get back to my application packet...ugh!


Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for you!!

B the PQ

Holly said...

Hope the application goes well - got fingers crossed for you.

wintermelonsoup said...

Thanks, y'all!