Monday, October 17, 2005

Lazy, hazy weekend.

Weekends are great times to catch up on sleep, when you are not feeling quite like that you haven't slept enough during the week. To tell you the truth, I'm probably just really lazy and don't time-manage well. I could have worked out, showered, changed, worked, ate, probably gotten a second work out, and have gotten home before the day is over, and I probably could also have done my work at work at 2x the amount in 1/2 of the time, but let's get real here!

The GF is not used to the early hours of her current job, and is actually feeling physical pain of the toll of the early mornings. I'd feel that way from time to time. There are a lot of people at my workplace, sensing my lack of educational background, are urging me to go back to school. I'm sure that there are ways to achieve that endeavor, but if I'm already feeling as pooped as I do now, over the mid to low physical and mental output, I sure as heck can't imagine getting my ass back to school and trying not to flunk out of it!

We, counting the pets, are just trying our best to live our lives here in the great void called the American Mid-West, and hoping for some kind of betterness or excitement in the future....


Sean from DocintheBox said...

My wife is feeling the same way, not used to the early mornings. Come hang out in Cali, we'll show you some excitement (well maybe, we're an old married couple now:-P)

wintermelonsoup said...

Hey doc!
Will definitely do if we ever find ourselves on the left coast! Have you e-mailed Colby Buzzell yet? He's only like 3 hours ( I think) from y'all.
Man, I think I'll be on the beach all the time if I lived in Cali!