Friday, September 23, 2005

What's goin on lately

My job is kind of hanging in the balance, but it's probably not as bad as first perceived.

My folks are still stuck in Houston, I'm really worried for them. I've got this really useless aunt who either could not or did not want to evacuate the whole family (she's the only person in the household, as of today, who could drive.) My sister thinks that I'm worrying too much, and I can't believe that she has been so non-chalant about everything. I almost lost both of the folks over the past two to three years ago, I'd be damned to have them hurt or God forbid, lose them in natural disaster.

I don't think my sister is very good at comforting people, and I'm not very good at telling others how I feel.

So I'm going to try to calm down, drink some tea, hope/pray for the best.

Thank God for the pets, petting them helps me forget people troubles.

Most of all, thank God for the GF, who tries to comfort me!

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