Thursday, September 02, 2010

Welcome to the world, Noah Maxx!

Noah Maxx was finally born on July 29th. 2010, after being induced and 17 hours of labor! Pardon me for the delayed update, but I've simply been sleeping/eating, and doing stuff in an out of whack sort of way. Life is now lived in 3-4 hour increments of feeding and changing diapers.

He, however, has been the best baby, not overtly fussy, sweet, and just about everything that we had hoped for! I'm so glad that he's in our lives! My only regret is that his great-grandparents couldn't live long enough to meet him. I am sure though, however, that they're watching over him from where they are.

My maternity leave so far has been one of the best "vacations" ever! The only annoying parts have been dealing with the disability insurance company, as well as trying to find a new job (will explain further in the next post or two.) after the maternity leave ends.

We've had some relatives visit, to include my aunt, my sister, and the GF's family. Friends are slowly trickling in to see our little man, and I'm so happy to say that Noah Maxx doesn't seem to be weary of people he doesn't know holding him!

Most of the Noah Maxx updates will be on the "Two bad moms" blog, I've hyperlinked it for your convenience. I will update here from time to time.

Rarely are there events in life which can make one as happy as the birth of a new child, and we're so glad that he's finally here!

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