Monday, April 13, 2009

Back in armyland

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the late update on things.  As of 8 days ago, the GF, the dog, and I drove down to Ft. Benning, Ga. to begin my officer basic leadership course.  As I checked into the barracks, the GF and the dog drove back home.  

To my pleasant surprise, I am not the oldest or the most broken (as in physically unfit/injured) person out there, but it has still been quite an effort to try to keep up with in the majority of the people in the age of 25 or lower.

One of the most beautiful part about being a reservist is that for just about the other 28 days of the month, you don't have to think about the army. ( or whatever other branch that you might be a reservist of.)  In this particular experience, you're army 24/7 for 7 weeks...with a few days of breaks in-between, until the more "professional" phase comes about in the middle of nowhere, Arizona.

The hardest part so far for me has been the physical are some examples of what this school requires for graduation:

1.  Passing the Army Physical Fitness Test.
2. Run a 4 mile run in a 8 minute a mile pace.
3. Combatives training.  (Kind of like a combination of wrestling/ultimate fighting)
4  Road march with a 35lb. rucksack on your back for 10 miles in 4 hours or less.

It hasn't been a comfortable experience so far, I don't think that it's supposed to be.  I miss the GF and the pets, a bathroom with a tub, Chinese food, not having to wake up before 7 AM (way before 7 AM), etc.  Right now, I'm living my life one assigned task/test at a time, and feeling grateful that I will not have to go back to armyland once all this is over and done least only for a weekend a month.

It's both cute and annoying at the same time, watching these young 20 something year olds who has yet to be really challenged by far, everything have been college/high school/rotc/boy scouts....

I have no idea if this will end up making me a better person or anything lofty like that, but I do know that this is one of the places that I don't ever want to comeback to!  (Sorry Western Ga./Eastern Alabama!)  The army, with the exception of one or two forts, have a knack of picking some really depressed, middle of nowhere/bumfuckville places to designate as duty stations.

I will have more posts from this almost surreal experience laster...remember, I've still got 6 more weeks of this!


Anonymous said...

Hey NerdStar! You hang in there. I admire your service to our country and smile at your attitude. My brother was Army, and is currently Army Nat. Guard Reservist. The dude is 43!!! And the man weighs 255 lbs, easy! PT is rough for him. He was in Iraq @ Al Asad at this time two years ago. His company is on the schedule to return there in 2010, unless BHO brings world peace in the interim.

You hang in there. I have a good friend in Marietta, GA. If you need a friend of like mind and orientation while you are in BF GA, let me know and I will have her take you out for some great Chinese Food.... her niece happens to be a waitress at a real yummy Chinese Restaurant.

Anonymous said...

There's no way in the world I could ever do that physical stuff. Admire that you can.