Saturday, December 08, 2007

This is my dog, Ramen, and this is a picture of him in full "combat gear" for his walk in the snow a few nights ago. Doesn't he look thrilled?

I've arrived at my new job, the higher paying but longer commute and much more taxed one. I don't know how long I'll be there, but at least I'm not in that pot of drama at the last job post anymore. Even my then manager has managed to get another gig...yes, the upper management was that bad that everyone of us have decided to leave.

My last day at the previous job went better than I had expected it to be. Thank God! Maybe fate, or whatever is at play will somehow bring all of us back again, hopefully in better times and circumstances, you know?

The GF and I are going to her home for Christmas, and I'll then travel to my grandfather and sisters to be with them for a few days. I am guilty for not calling my grandfather more often. Granted, he doesn't like to talk on the phone much, but it's the effort that counts, right? I think it'll be good to spend some time with both families....and even better to be away from the traffic and the blahness of this place.

The GF is not having a good time at her job because of the various lazy people with attitudes who work around her. Listening to her, it makes me sad for her that, for someone so smart and hardworking, she still has to put up with this shit. It makes working from home or working in a smaller doctor's office setting so much more attractive. She has updated her profile on and will do some more research so that she can find some other opportunities hopefully come beginning of the year. I just wish that her next work crew will be so much better than her current ones.

More later....still got to get X'mas gifts!....Trying like heck to avoid the malls!

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